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NH 6056 HP65 Tractor


NH 6056 65 HP Tractor by Fiat New Holland is an economical, low price and yet an efficient and easy to handle product. The advanced fuel handling system in NH 6056 tractor reduces the fuel consumption and boosts up the engine life which ultimately affects the overall tractor performance. NH6056 is a dynamic, robust and highly advanced farm tractor.

Following are some of its prominent features:

  • Fiat New Holland NH 60-56 Tractor is highly efficient, cost-effective and easy to handle.
  • NH 6056 lessens the fuel consumption and increases the engine life.
  • Fiat New Holland NH6056 comes with support for heavy duty front axle.
  • Tractor includes hydro-power steering system which smoothens the ride allowing the operator to perform the task more effectively.
  • Fiat New Holland NH 60 56 has a sophisticated hydraulic distributor.
  • NH 60-56 is a 65HP tractor; it has more pulling power than other tractors.
  • NH6056 has a force majeure power take-off system.
  • It has DTO kit which can work with tube wells and threshers as well.


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